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Smart Heating Control

For a comfortable home

After a long winter walk, who wouldn’t want to return to a warm, cosy home? With our smart heating controls, it’s very easy. You can set when and where the heating is to come on, even when you are not at home.

Precisely adjusted to your day

05:30 am The heating system automatically raises the temperature in the hallway, bathroom and kitchen to 23°C.

06:00 am The alarm clock rings, and it’s very easy to get up because the rooms are just as warm and cosy as your bed.

07:00 am As you travel to work, the heating system lowers the room temperature from 23°C to 18°C, to reduce heating costs.

04:00 pm The heating system begins to heat up your home again.

04:30 pm Your home has been heated to a comfortable 23°C by the time you return from work.

05:00 pm You begin to cook, and the heating is automatically turned down a few degrees so that you don’t break out in a sweat.

06:00 pm The meal is ready and the heating keeps the room temperature at 23°C.

07:30 pm The heating raises the room temperature a little, to make your home even cosier in the evening.

08:15 pm Nothing stands in the way of your cosy movie night.

Creating scenes and automations

‘Automatic temperature adjustment’ scenario

Adjust your heating control to your daily schedule: Have the temperature in your home automatically raised to 23 degrees in the morning, and lowered to 17 degrees at bedtime. You can set up your heating scenarios to suit your daily routine and, in this way, reduce your heating costs.

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