Hama Audio Optical Fibre Cable, ODT Plug (Toslink), Metal, 1.5 m

ODT Cable


1.5 m 3 m
  • High-tech cable sheath reinforced with aramid fibres: especially sturdy, heat-resistant and long-lasting
  • Robust metal plug with the best shielding for reliable signal transmission
  • Easy to lay thanks to the elastic, environment-friendly TPE material
  • High-quality materials for excellent sound quality without interference
  • Gold-plated plug with low contact resistance for secure signal transmission
  • Flexible materials guarantee optimum kink protection and prevent cable breakage
  • Elegant and flexible fabric jacket for additional kink protection
  • Specially polished contact surfaces with perfect fit for lossless transition to avoid refractions of light
  • Highly flexible optical fibre cable for ultra-fast and interference-free signal transmission
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Item No.: 00205139
GTIN: 4047443438492

Crystal-clear sound for film fans and music lovers

Transmit lossless digital sound with the Hama audio fibre optic cable with ODT plug (Toslink)

If you are looking to connect your HiFi or home cinema components (a stereo system or Blu-ray player to a receiver, for instance), the connection is only as good as the cable. The Hama audio fibre optic cable and ODT plug gives you the best possible transmission. This sturdy optical cable is made from high-tech materials with optimised kink protection. Its design is also first-class throughout.

Optimal sound quality thanks to digital-optical fibre cables

Ever been annoyed by occasional hissing or scratching sounds from your stereo or home cinema system with analogue copper cable connections? Especially when you are watching a thrilling blockbuster, an incorrectly transmitted sound can ruin the whole mood.

A fibre optic cable ensures that can’t happen to you. Instead, it turns music and films into magnificent experiences in sound: The optical cable with light wave transmission lets you enjoy the best possible tones, transmitted disturbance-free even over longer distances. However, this fibre optic cable does not just supply you with high-quality sound; it is also particularly durable and does not wear out, even with intensive use.

High-tech material ensures greater durability

Cable management can sometimes be a real challenge in home entertainment systems. We have developed optimised kink protection with that in mind. It lets you lay your audio cable even in narrow cable ducts with tight turns. Special aramid fibres in the cable sheath provide effective protection for the fibre optic cable. Incidentally, this high-tech material is so unbelievably robust that it is used in bulletproof vests.

Aramid fibres are also heat-resistant and flame-retardant, which further increases the safety factor of our audio fibre optic cable. When combined with its kink protection and gold-plated Toslink plugs, this ensures long-term listening pleasure with the best sound quality, over years and even decades. We therefore also provide a 30-year guarantee with this high-end cable.

High-quality design

The Hama audio fibre optic cable is not just about amazing technical features such as outstanding transmission quality; it also impresses through its elegant design. Whether you are guiding your cable into a cable shaft, laying it behind your HiFi cabinet or proudly displaying it on your TV stand – its sleek visuals and stylish woven jacket always make an excellent impression. That gives you the best of both worlds: outstanding technology and high-quality design, perfect for your HiFi system or home cinema.