Hama "Teens Guard" Bluetooth® Children's Headphones, On-Ear, Volume Limiter, BL

Headset Wireless

Shade of colour

Green, Mint Blue, Green
  • Children's sensitive ears are protected by a limitation of the sound pressure to max. 85 dB
  • Two individual microphone variants are ideal for children being home-schooled: use either the microphone integrated into the headset or the attachable microphone
  • The flexible, robust headband is designed for use by children and remains stable and in shape even when bent or twisted
  • These headphones grow too: the particularly pleasant to wear headband can be adjusted perfectly to the child's head size
  • The soft earpads fit comfortably, even after long periods of listening
  • Supports the Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants
  • Allows the simultaneous connection of the headphones to multiple Bluetooth devices
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Item No.: 00184111
GTIN: 4047443480354

Made for children

The "Teens Guard" children´s headphones – designed specifically for children in terms of shape, colour and use

Children love feel-good music, funny audio plays and thrilling audiobooks, and can immerse themselves in them for hours. It is therefore particularly important that children enjoy the sound at an appropriate volume – as with our ‘Teens Guard’ children’s headphones. With a volume limiter, the comfortable shape and the brightly coloured design, you can let your child listen to the entire audiobook without concern. The flexible Bluetooth connection also gives your child the freedom to snuggle up on the sofa with their favourite story or dance wildly around the room listening to the latest chart-topping hit.

Sound pressure limiter

Up to 85 dB

When children are loudly singing along to ‘My Grandma’s in the Chicken Coop Riding Her Motorcycle’, they find it hard to resist the urge to turn the volume all the way up. However, listening to sounds that are too loud can permanently damage children’s sensitive hearing. The ‘Teens Guard’ headphones have a decibel limit of 85 dB; a higher volume is not possible, even if their favourite song sounds better twice as loud. 85 dB roughly corresponds to saxophone playing – this is loud enough to enjoy the music and still prevents long-term damage to the ears.

Adjustable and padded

The children´s headphones sit comfortably in every situation

Whether your child is singing along to the latest hits on a car journey, listening to Benjamin the Elephant on a train, or has been banished by the little witch to the cosy corner in the children’s room – headphones for children must not exert too much pressure or cause pain. The ‘Teens Guard’ headphones grow with the child. All you need to do is adjust the headband to accurately fit the child’s head size. This way your little ones can enjoy their stylish headphones for a long time to come. The earpads of the on-ear headphones also have particularly soft padding, so that the child’s ears are not subjected to pressure even when using them for extended periods of time.

Headphones that make every day more fun

Cavorting around a playroom, trying out dance moves, or pressed against a train window – children are constantly coming up with new ways to enjoy their headphones. That’s why it is important that the ‘Teens Guard’ headphones live up to their name: The headband is extremely robust and, more importantly, flexible – it can be twisted and bent without breaking. Wondering if they can withstand the latest dance moves? With these headphones, your child can even somersault, backwards roll and pillow fight to the sound of their favourite music!

With you wherever you go

In the digital age, children’s headphones must be able to do more than transmit sound. Interactive games and homeschooling call for a microphone. These headphones actually include two microphones to suit all environments and individual preferences. The integrated microphone is ideal for interactive gaming from the comfort of your room. If your child is homeschooling, on the other hand, then there can be a lot of background noise to contend with. Even with parents conducting their meetings from the home office or younger siblings noisily throwing their building blocks around, it is crucial that the child’s classmates and teachers can understand them clearly. This is precisely why the headphones are equipped with a second clip-on microphone, which is more adept at filtering out voices and transmitting them clearly. Whatever the situation, there is no need to miss out – even when you’re at home.