Hama Bluetooth® "Twin 2.0" Loudspeaker, Waterproof, 20 W, black

Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Waterproof to IPX7: sudden shower? No problem. The loudspeaker is splash-proof, which means the music stays fine even when the weather is bad
  • Enjoy your favourite tunes by the lake, pool or even in the bath - the loudspeaker can float, ensuring great music wherever you are
  • Bluetooth box can be split into two individual loudspeakers - for synchronous stereo sound or independent music pleasure at two different locations
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Item No.: 00188220
GTIN: 4047443454973

"Twin 2.0" bluetooth speaker:

Make a splash in every situation

You’ve finally made it to the beach, enjoying the first rays of sunshine and just being out and about – of course, your favourite music is an absolute essential for that summer feeling and the good vibes. Our "Twin 2.0" Bluetooth speaker is the perfect beatbox for getting out there – you can take the waterproof "Twin 2.0" everywhere. The splittable speaker creates a proper party atmosphere – with real stereo sound for the playlists on your smartphone. The scratchproof silicon sleeve offers maximum travel protection for the mobile speaker in your bike basket or rucksack. You can use the loop to hang the "Twin 2.0" on a tree and play the latest summer hits in your own personal chillout zone by the lake. The Bluetooth speaker is just as impressive in winter or indoors – you’re not always on the go, and you want to listen to your favourite tunes in first-class quality at home as well.

Flexible speaker system

Using the Twin as a Tube: When both parts are connected, the portable Bluetooth speaker features an impressive 20 watts of stereo sound. That makes this compact sound miracle perfect for use on the go – for keeping spirits up on your bike trip or enjoying the picnic at the end of it.

Splitting the Twin in two

A twin rarely comes alone – and you can split the Bluetooth speaker in two using its simple click system. The two speaker halves recognise and automatically connect to each other, and then give you stereo sound with 10 watts per speaker. Ideal for filling large areas with the sound of the summer at your garden parties, or even for listening to your favourite hits indoors in practically surround sound.

Using the Twin halves individually

The two speaker halves can also be used separately from each other. Each half of the Bluetooth speaker comes with an on/off switch. In this mode, the "Twin 2.0" plays in mono. Do you prefer listening to forest sounds in your home office while your partner likes going through the charts in the other room? Then simply switch the wireless speaker to solo mode to keep everyone happy and save your day working from home. The solo method is the perfect solution when people have differing listening preferences but everyone still wants a piece of the "Twin 2.0".

Little bundle of energy + major power = first-class twin sound

20 watts of music output is a lot of power for the portable speaker, indoors or outdoors. If you leave the "Twin 2.0" together, you can enjoy the full 20 watts with stereo sound. If you separate it and place each of the twin speakers in a different location, you can hear 10 watts per loudspeaker – but with true stereo sound. The Bluetooth box has the right sound volume for every situation.

"Cover me with sunshine" doesn’t just sound great from the portable speaker, but is also perfect for a sunny day by the seaside or at the lake, picnics outdoors or barbecues in the garden. The two high-performance batteries keep you entertained with six hours of sound – an ample musical companion for your activities.

Happy in the water:

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

Whether it’s splashes of water or full immersion, the Bluetooth speaker can handle it. Lake, swimming pool, bath or boat trip – this is the terrain where the "Twin 2.0" really proves itself. It is not just perfect for being by the water, but being in the water as well: it is waterproof up to one meter. The music box stays with you in the water as you do your laps, play a wild water polo match with friends or just float along relaxed on your inflatable lounger. It can do so in either tube or solo mode, and it also works wonderfully with relaxing music in the bathtub or under the shower.