Hama "Spirit Calypso" Bluetooth® Headphones, Over-Ear, Bass Boost, Foldable, blk

Headset Wireless
  • The ear cups can be folded in which allows you to compactly store the headphones
  • Additional bass amplification. Can be switched on and off with a small button on the earphones
  • Thanks to the integrated microphone you can easily switch between music playback and call answer. So you will no longer miss a call when listening to music.
  • Pleasantly soft earpads ensure superb wearing comfort
  • Supports the Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants
  • Allows the simultaneous connection of the headphones to multiple Bluetooth devices
  • Closed design that completely covers the ears for shielding out exterior noise
  • The perfect fit reduces unwanted exterior noise so that you can enjoy your music without being disturbed
  • Padded headband for a comfortable listening experience also over long periods of use
  • The headphones are equipped with an individually adjustable headband which adapts to the shape of your head
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Item No.: 00184100
GTIN: 4047443465924

The right sound for every style of music

"Spirit Calypso" Bluetooth headphones

If the spirit of calypso is to get the entire body swinging, then it’s time for the "Spirit Calypso" Bluetooth headphones. The bass boost and the comfortable ear cups that surround your ears trigger musical exaltation – whether it’s the cheerful sounds of Trinidad and Tobago you’re listening to, or your favourite music. Dynamic bass, the full spectrum of well-defined sound – the wireless headphones send you into sound ecstasy while on the go.

Boombastic – bass boost can be switched on

Hip hop pulses, electro beats, reggae drum sounds – but the bass is not quite right? The bass boost can be switched on using a button on the remote control of the ear cups. You then get the proper pulses, beats and drumming for the music style – more bass is not possible. And if you would like to listen to some classical, new age or folk music, you simply leave the bass boost off and enjoy the calming tones. Whether you’re sitting on a tram in the evening rush hour or travelling by train for a weekend trip – the Bluetooth headphones always have the right sound for your range of music.

38 hours of partying for the ears

Dive into an audio book frenzy on your train journey through Europe, or enjoy all the playlists you have created but never listened to: It takes a while before the headphones run out of steam, so you can be on the move for long periods of time without having to forego background sound. When fully charged, the over-ear headphones keep on going for a full 38 hours. This is a very long operating time for Bluetooth headphones – almost non-stop music. If you are on the move for even longer – for example, you are travelling across Europe with an Interrail ticket – you can listen to music, audio plays, etc., stored on your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player by simply connecting an audio cable. In addition, the wireless earphones can be easily charged while on the move: With the supplied Micro-USB cable and a suitable USB charger with socket connection, you can charge the headphones using the power sockets provided on board trains and in popular cafés. And the party continues!

Deluxe wearer comfort

Since you may be listening to music non-stop for up to 38 hours, the headphones must not put too much pressure on your ears, pinch or hurt them. Our ‘Spirit Calypso’ headphones therefore offer the highest level of wearer comfort. The earpads are especially soft, so that the ear cups cannot press on the ears. The padded headband does not press against the head if used for long periods of time or if you doze off with the headphones on. In addition, the headband never sticks out uncomfortably, nor is it ever too tight, as it can be precisely adjusted to fit any head size. Besides all the wearer comfort of over-ear headphones, this design also assures pure sound enjoyment – a closed, ear-encompassing design that blocks out ambient noise quite well.

If you are travelling coast to coast by Greyhound bus and would simply like to look out at the landscape as it passes by, then these Bluetooth headphones are ideal – the ear cups fold up for space-saving stowage.

Voice-control and remote control

All smartphone functions, such as accepting or rejecting a call, hanging up, or music control such as play and pause, can be carried out directly on the headphones using voice control. The volume level can be likewise controlled by voice command, for example: ‘Increase the volume by 50%’, ‘Decrease the volume by 30%’, ‘Maximum volume’. Or you control the functions using the intuitive multifunction button. When you’re travelling, are on the go, or relaxing on the sofa, you can leave your mobile phone in your bag or on the table, because you can do everything that’s important directly on the headphones or using the connection to the voice assistants Siri and the Google Assistant.

Multi-talented bluetooth headphones

The playlist with your favourite sound on your mobile phone, the gripping thriller on your tablet? You can be reached on both your personal and work phone? With the ‘Spirit Calypso’, you have the benefit of multipoint technology. It enables you to connect the wireless headphones to multiple end devices – such as a smartphone and tablet, or several smartphones – without your having to pair the Bluetooth headphones again when you switch device.