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WLAN Camera
  • Razor-sharp images: no matter who's wandering around in front of the surveillance camera, with images in Full HD 1080p, you'll spot everything and everyone
  • The entire room at a glance: whether it be children, pets or intruders - the indoor camera can be swivelled and tilted using the app, keeping you up to date with what's going on inside at all times
  • Whether it be Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant: simply display the live image from the WLAN camera on devices with a screen using voice controls
  • Whether it be the sofa or the sun lounger: with the Hama Smart Home app and WLAN surveillance camera, you have your eye on the indoors at all times, no matter where you are
  • Detailed images in the dark: during the night, infra-red night vision means you can still rely on camera surveillance
  • WLAN surveillance camera responds to movements: if the camera detects movement, you can be notified via push notification or automatically trigger recording
  • Communication from anywhere: the microphone and speaker allow contact via the WLAN camera and smartphone or tablet, like an intercom system
  • More local memory completely without the cloud thanks to the microSD card slot: memory cards of up to 128 GB offer plenty of space for extensive video recordings, so no surveillance material gets lost
  • Step by step to the Smart Home: with the Hama Smart Home app, you can expand and network your smart home with any number of Hama Smart Home products, such as switching smart LED lamps and lights on and off via a motion sensor
  • Our surveillance camera works without any gateway (hub): you don't need an additional device, and you save on extra costs since the camera establishes a direct WiFi connection with the router
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Your home always in view

WLAN surveillance camera with app and voice control

Security camera, pet camera or baby monitor – this WLAN indoor camera doesn’t miss a thing. Whether a burglar is creeping through your hallway, your new dog is chewing through the cushions from boredom, the cat is climbing up the curtains, or the children are in the sweets drawer – the camera puts you in the picture, wherever you are and at any time. With the camera’s pan function, you can see every corner in the room. And, using the Hama Smart Home app, you can link many other smart home products to the indoor camera, and that way create useful everyday aids.

Camera surveillance in Full HD

Full HD with 1080p – you can see clearly whether the children are staging a pillow fight or the dog is shaking the cushions. The camera has every event in sharp focus, and you can view a live image within the Hama Smart Home app. Are your children now old enough to spend an evening alone at home? Nonetheless you still feel uncomfortable: But if you use the WLAN camera as a ‘nanny cam’, you can display the live view on your smartphone and see clearly whether only the supplies of sweets are being plundered or the children are about to come to blows. In this way, you always have peace of mind when away from home; you can enjoy an evening out, return home and intervene, or you can send grandma over.

Camera with all-round view:

Pan and tilt

A large entrance area with hall; the sweets drawer in one corner of the living room, the dog bed in the other? With the surveillance camera, you can survey the entire space: You use the app to pan and tilt the camera and can view the area you would like to see. The rotatable pan function covers a range of 355 degrees, giving you an all-round view. The camera can be tilted up to 50 degrees. Its field of view is 105 degrees. You may not be thrilled to see the cat climbing up the walls, the dog putting all the shoes in its basket, and the children practising bungee jumping from the living room shelf, but at least you know about it.

Seeing clearly in the dark:

Infrared night vision

What is scurrying through the hallway at night? With its infrared night vision, the camera provides an excellent view of what’s happening in the dark. You can see clearly and distinctly whether a burglar is creeping through the hall or your child is sleepwalking. The next morning, you can see from the video which of your dogs has carried off your slippers; or where the mouse brought in by the cat is hiding.

Hama Smart Home app

A variety of app control options

No matter where you are – with the Hama Smart Home app, you have your home in view; but you can also use the app to make all the settings and configurations. The camera manages entirely without a hub and establishes a direct connection to the router, so installation is complete within just a few minutes. In addition to the camera’s basic functions, you can use the app to control automatic programmes, scenes and automations, and link and integrate other smart home products. Our operating instructions guide you step by step through the installation.

No matter where – always informed thanks to motion detection

With the motion detector, you have peace of mind even when you’re away from home. If motion detection activates, you immediately get a push message on your phone. You can therefore take action if someone is moving around your home, even though the whole family has gone out. To make certain, you can call up the live image – perhaps a bird has got in through the window and triggered the motion detector. If a movement is registered, the WLAN camera automatically rotates to follow people around the room, and also starts recording. Later on, you can therefore see that the chaos in the living room was not caused by a burglar; rather, the children and dog have engaged in a wild pillow fight.

“Hands off…” – contact via the intercom system

Speaking of wild pillow fights – when children immerse themselves in a game, they don’t really notice what’s going on around them – even if the vase is already wobbling. By the time you get home from dinner, it’s already too late. But you don’t have to interrupt your meal when the children are only playing. Simply speak to your children directly from the restaurant! The indoor camera features two-way audio – it works like an intercom system and is also ideal when the babysitter is a little overwhelmed or the dog needs a small reprimand. This way, perhaps the entire chocolate won’t be eaten up, the baby will fall blissfully asleep again and a few cushions will remain unscathed.

Recordings on microSD card

Leaving your child home alone for the first time? The puppy’s first hours? Or simply record whether the cat is dancing on the table when you are not there? Besides being used for security purposes, the recording has other, nicer functions: Capture special moments that you would never be able to share otherwise (and present these moments at the weddings of your children, for example). The videos can be stored on a microSD card of up to 128 GB; thus, no material is lost – irrespective of whether it is used for tracking vandalism, for dog training or simply as an anecdote.

From the smart surveillance camera to the smart home

The Hama Smart Home app allows you to link many other smart home products to one another and create scenes and automations.

  • The camera’s motion detection feature can be connected to smart LED lamps and WLAN LED lights: When the motion detector is active, a lamp in the hall, for example, automatically switches on.
  • You can improve your home security and deter burglars while you’re away by linking the surveillance camera to a smart alarm. If a movement is detected, the alarm emits a shrill sound. If, however, pets are in the vicinity, it’s advisable not to connect a smart alarm.
  • You can link the motion detector to a WLAN socket, to which, in turn, a Toniebox is connected. When your child wakes up in the morning, they can listen to music or stories for a while, before the day with all its many impressions begins.