Hama Wireless Charger for Smartphones

Wireless Charger
  • Charging process optimized for the device which guarantees maximum charging speed
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Induction chargers: Put it down to power it up

Recharge just by setting it down? With the new induction charging technology, you can charge your smartphone without any annoying cables.

Intelligent wireless charging

The induction charging station optimises the charging speed so it is ideal for your smartphone. This provides an especially efficient charge.

Uncomplicated charging technology

As soon as you set your smartphone on the charging cradle, it begins to charge – nothing to plug in or connect, just set it down. Remove your smartphone from the charging station to automatically stop charging.
Another great advantage: just setting it down to charge protects the sensitive contact pins on your smartphone.

While we’re on the subject of gentle charging...

Irrespective of the charger, there are things you can do to help extend the service life of your smartphone’s battery.

Hot and cold

Charging the smartphone by an open fireplace is not a good idea. The device heats up while charging anyway, and high ambient temperatures can raise the level of heat generated. You may like sunbathing, but your battery prefers the cool shade. The situation is the same with sub-zero temperatures: Therefore, you shouldn’t necessarily charge your device in front of the ski hut you’re staying in, as battery capacity decreases over time.


It’s best to stop charging when the battery charge level is at 80 percent. Partial charging, that is, 40 percent in the morning and 40 percent in the evening, is even better. Fully charged batteries age more quickly. The battery should not be allowed to full discharge either; this also causes the battery to age faster.


If you drop your smartphone or it falls, this could trigger an internal short circuit. It’s better to replace the battery before it catches fire.