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Hama "C-800 Pro" Webcam with Ring Light, QHD 2K, with Microphone, Remote Control, LED


Razor-sharp videos and crystal-clear sound - videos and live streams in superb quality: whether it be a gaming session or a video conference in the home office, our QHD webcam delivers high-resolution recordings, all thanks to auto focus, lighting correction and a stereo microphone.

Price on demand
Woman adjusts the Hama webcam with ring light "C-800 Pro" on her monitor while talking to colleagues in a video call
Hama "C-800 Pro" Webcam with Ring Light, QHD 2K, with Microphone, Remote Control, LED

Webcam with ring light: Confidently in the best light!

Whether for an online meeting, home office, streaming or gaming chat: The compact USB camera "C-800 Pro" takes your computer peripherals to the next level when it comes to video - and it does so single-handedly. With this webcam with ring light and many other functions, you can now always show your best side online - and of course in the best light.

All-in-one: Webcam with ring light and microphone

If the room lighting or the natural light at the desk is sufficient for working, that's a stroke of luck. However, it is usually no longer sufficient for good picture quality during video conferences and live streams. The ideal workstation therefore not only requires ergonomics, but also includes a good PC camera and LED light. It is even more convenient if the ring light is already integrated into the webcam - as is the case with the "C-800 Pro" from Hama. Included:

  • High-resolution image quality in 2K QHD (2560 x 1440), in zoom in full HD (1080 x 720)
  • Ring light with 3 lighting levels for uniform illumination for every situation
  • Remote control for easy control of picture and sound - directly on the spot

As an external computer camera for a gaming PC or a professional upgrade for the poor laptop camera: You can rely on optimum image quality with the "C-800 Pro". Difficult lighting conditions, awkwardly cast shadows and unhealthy paleness are now a thing of the past!

Intuitive (remote) operation

Not only can this webcam do a lot, it also makes it particularly easy to use: You have all the options in your hand. This is because the picture and sound can be conveniently controlled at the touch of a button on the remote control - without having to go through the system settings or confusing controls on the device. This means you can stay right on the spot in front of the lens and adjust everything important individually:

  • Camera zoom
  • Exact image section
  • Camera on/off
  • Microphone on/off

This PC camera with microphone is made for real life in the office and home office. Is someone walking through the picture in the background? Do you need to pass on urgent information quickly? Is someone just leaving the house and shouldn't forget their shopping list or umbrella? You can also briefly interrupt the transmission at any time during an active live stream– using the remote control, of course, and without having to search for the button in the respective software. As soon as everything is looking good or you want to take the floor, simply reactivate the transmission and you are live again in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, Jitsi, Slack as well as Twitch, etc. Simply on air - but only if and when you want.

Quad High Definition for razor-sharp images

A good live image looks so much more personal than an anonymous or pixelated screen. You are also on the safe side in this respect with the "C-800 Pro" webcam with ring light. Because thanks to the high-quality image resolution in 2K QHD widescreen resolution, you, your facial expressions and your gestures simply come across well in online meetings and the like: professional and approachable. In addition, the webcam's integrated stereo microphone supports you with excellent sound quality during your performance. What's more, you have your hands free and your voice comes across crystal clear to your virtual counterpart.

Magnetic camera cover with clever switch

You should always be vigilant, especially online, to protect yourself from hacking and espionage attacks. The sophisticated PC webcam helps you to do this and makes it easy for you to protect yourself reliably with its magnetic camera cover. You can simply remove it and reattach it to the lens after the call. Tip: You don't even have to switch off the ring light separately after the video call, as it is automatically deactivated when the cover is put on. Everything is covered and safe at the same time – it couldn't be simpler!


Webcam with integrated ring light

Perfect for video and streaming: The combination of the LED ring light and camera offers the ideal conditions for all online formats - from edutainment and gaming to social media, including YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok

3-stage colour temperature

From warm white to daylight bright: Control of the colour temperature in 3 stages (2100/3000/5000 K) is super-easy via touch control directly on the webcam, ensuring optimised and even lighting

Webcam with zoom

Get closer: the webcam can be zoomed and can be adjusted perfectly to the desktop setup - for the right degree of close-up in an online meeting, video conference and webinar via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Jitsi, etc.

Remote control for webcam functions

At the press of a button: control of the zoom function, vertical and horizontal shift of the image area via remote control and switching of the camera and microphone on and off

2K QHD resolution

Full HD and even sharper: the high-quality QHD wide image resolution (2560 x 1440) guarantees shots in the highest image quality


The camera focuses: auto-focus guarantees a razor sharp image, even with movement, gestures, etc.

Webcam with stereo microphone

External camera with stereo microphone: clearly understandable voice transfer thanks to two microphones integrated into the webcam - simply talk hands-free

Voice over IP

Ideal meeting partner: the webcam with microphone allows voice-over-IP, e.g. for connected telephone systems and office calls, as well as Skype, Teams, Telko, etc.

Spy protection

Simply secure: the magnetic lens cover protects against spy attacks by hackers - easy to attach to the external camera and quickly removed when not needed

Digital spy protection

Convenient switching on and off: during the live stream, the camera and microphone can be disabled via remote control, and controlled separately at the press of a button

Adjustable angle of rotation and tilt

Articulated PC camera that adjusts to you: the vertical angle of tilt can be flexibly adjusted, making it ideal for showing documents or models on a table, for example

Universal 1/4" thread for tripod mounting

A firm footing on location: thanks to the 1/4" thread, can be mounted onto all common tripods - secure the camera with ring light wobble-free at the perfect height

  • Technical Specs
    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
    Colour Black
    Shade of colour Black
    Connectivity (Connection)
    Connection USB-Typ-A-Plug
    USB Standard USB 2.0
    Electrospecific Properties
    Compatible operating systems Mac/Windows
    Frame rate 30 Photos per Second by 1080p/30 Photos per Second by 720p/Max. 30 images per second
    Megapixel 4
    Picture Resolution 2560x1440 Pixel
    Special features Lighting
    Video Resolution 2560x1440 Pixel
    Physical Properties
    Additional Functions 1/4 inch thread, Adjustable angle of inclination, Automatic exposure adjustment, Built-In microphone, LED light ring, LED-Lightning, Noise reduction, Remote Control, SPY - Protection, Status LED, UVC – Modus
    Focus Auto Focus
    Microphone Stereo
    Microphone Type Mono 2x
    Visual Angle 89°
    Size & Weight
    Cable Length 1.8 m
    W x H x L 6 x 8.5 x 6.2 cm
  • More product information
    • Looking good in front of the camera: compact webcam with ring light and microphone for professional online meetings and convenient creation of images and videos on a laptop or PC - ideal for streaming or chatting with various instant messaging applications (e.g. Skype, Teams, Zoom)
    • In your best light: automatic lighting adjustment for optimised image quality, even in difficult lighting conditions - always perfect image sharpness, contrast, colour saturation and white balance
    • Illuminated ring with customisable brightness and colour temperature for a better streaming, chat and gaming experience
    • High resolution even when zoomed: default setting in 2K QHD (2560 x 1440), enlarged image section in Full HD (1080 x 720), reset with the Return key
    • Fast muting: the webcam and microphone can be activated and deactivated during the live stream
    • From e-learning to the home office: LED ring light can also be used with the webcam on a laptop, tablet, PC and monitor, e.g. for video calls and online learning
    • Camera cover with magnetic switch: removing and attaching the magnetic lens cover automatically switches the ring light on and off, while the covered camera remains active
    • Easy, flexible installation: stand / clamp foot for attachment to flat screens, laptop screens, etc., as well as universal 1/4" thread for tripods
    • USB camera for PCs with Plug & Play: driver-free installation thanks to UVC, simply plug in and start streaming
    • H.264 video compression: the PC camera supports a high image and sound quality for recordings, high upload speeds and many file formats
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 webcam with "C-800 Pro" ring light
    • 1 remote control
    • 1 magnetic lens cover
    • 1 operating manual
  • System Requirements
    • Operating system: Windows 11/10, MAC OS 10.4.3 and later


Packing Inlay



 In-house test and quality seal
, QC passed by Hama Germany