Hama Bluetooth® Receiver for Cars, with 3.5 mm Plug and USB Charger

Bluetooth Audio Adapter
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Item No.: 00014159
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Enjoy the ride

With the Hama bluetooth receiver and your favorite music

You’re on the road with the crew, everyone is looking forward to the road trip, and then: as soon as you get on the motorway, you hit traffic. There is a risk of a sudden change of mood – only music can save it now. Just plug your Bluetooth receiver into the AUX-IN socket, connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth and press play: ‘Booorn to be wiiild, booorn to be wiiild!’ blasts out of the speakers. You sing along, tap to the beat on the steering wheel, and before you know it, the traffic is moving again.

Wireless musical bliss – how it works:

Want a Bluetooth connection to listen to the Spotify playlist on your smartphone on your car radio? Does your radio only have a jack connection? Instead of installing a costly new system, just use our Bluetooth adapter to upgrade your car quickly without any major expense. Simply plug the receiver into the AUX connection and connect your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player to the device via Bluetooth. You can now list to your music without any wires, and stop getting tangled in the AUX cable whenever you change gear or put on the handbrake.

In addition, more and more smartphone manufacturers are dispensing with the 3.5 mm jack connection. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung or Huawei – the audio adapter lets you connect any Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet. The mini Bluetooth receiver is the perfect gadget for a cable-free future, and if your friends want to be the DJ during the journey, you can connect their phones to the receiver just as easily.

Make calls with ease

With the integrated hands-free phone set

You’re on your way home, when your boss calls. This is a call you need to take. Thanks to the integrated microphone, you can use the Bluetooth transmitter in the car as a hands-free phone set. If you receive a call while listening to music, the device automatically switches to hands-free mode. You simply answer and end calls with the push of a button. That means you can make calls and still concentrate fully on the road while driving.

Intuitive operation without any distractions

You’re stuck in heavy city traffic and suddenly this one song comes up on your playlist. You normally always sing along, but you’re not in the mood right now. You want to quickly reach for your smartphone and change the song – but don’t! There is a risk of large penalties or even an accident. Our Bluetooth receiver is intuitive to operate: skip from one track to the next or change the volume without reaching for your phone or taking your eyes off the road.

Comes with 12 V USB charger

For maximum power

You’ve had a tough day and now your phone battery is also empty – you just wish you were home. The included car charger lets you charge both the mini receiver and another two devices directly from the cigarette socket in your car. The car charger has two 2.4 A USB connections for charging your smartphone, headphones or other devices.

Fully charged, the Bluetooth receiver provides up to seven hours of music playback or five and a half hours as a handsfree kit. With its compact aluminium housing, the jack adapter is an elegant addition to the interior of your car that plays the songs you want to hear.