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LED Light

Hama "SpotLight Steady 120 II" LED Ring Light, Ring Light Tripod for Mobile Phone, 12"


Create great content where and how you want - with the LED ring light, including smartphone holder and a tripod that can be extended to a height of 215 cm. This is how you capture even unusual perspectives perfectly in the best light.

Price on demand
Person happily operates LED ring light with remote control.
Product LED ring light with smartphone.

Versatile kit comprising tripod and LED ring light

From influencers and Twitch streamers to YouTube stars: if you work with video and photos, you know how powerful the right lighting is. Big spotlights or light boxes are not always the best choice, however, especially when space is limited. The "SpotLight Steady 120 II" LED ring light will put you perfectly in the spotlight without taking up too much room - and visual highlights are guaranteed.

Perfect for use anywhere

No matter what type of content you're producing: from beauty to fashion blogs, from the tastiest recipes to the ideal DIY channel, the LED ring light will create the perfect lighting conditions for every influencer - with no compromises needed. No matter which platform you publish your content on, the LED ring light enables you to cast every selfie and video in the perfect light.

Perfectly cast

Secure, practical and versatile - the LED ring light sits on a stable tripod made from robust and lightweight aluminium. The tripod can be steplessly extended to a maximum height of 215 cm in a total of 4 segments, with cross-struts providing additional stability. The ball head and flexible swan neck with smartphone mount mean you can always ensure the perfect recording position, with the choice between portrait and landscape format being entirely up to you. So photographs and videos with the mobile phone camera look really professional.

There's a wonderful added extra for anyone who stands in front of the camera: the LED ring light magically creates a light in the eyes through reflections. This means that you can use the sparkling, charming eye effect perfectly in portraits and videos - a must-have for Instagram, TikTok and so on.

Perfect lighting control

With the lighting intensity adjustable in 10 stages, you can change the LED ring light from brilliantly bright to pleasantly dimmed, depending on what mood you want to create in your shoot. The colour temperature can also be changed very easily from warm white to daylight bright in 3 stages - for optimised, even lighting. You can control both easily with the cabled remote control and directly try them out without having to leave your position on the set.

Mobile and practical

Small for transport, big when it comes to filming. No matter whether you're in your living room or by a reservoir: with the ball head, you can create even unusual recording angles. The ring light, along with the tripod, are also light enough not to cause problems on mountain hikes to the lodge or on train journeys to the film location. With the LED ring light, you have the right light with you for every project, no matter where.

Also ideal for life on the move: the 160 LEDs can be operated perfectly with one power pack thanks to the USB-A connection. If you happen to have a socket nearby, this is of course isn't a problem either with a suitable power supply unit or a power strip with a USB-A socket thanks to the 190-cm cable length.


1.90-metre cable

Secure setup, but exceptionally versatile too

Whether as a floor stand or ring light tripod on the table, and no matter how often you change location: the "SpotLight Steady 120 II" mobile phone tripod with LED ring light can be set up and taken down in a flash, set at the right height and secured ready for the new filming location in seconds.

With the flexible holding jaws, you can put your smartphone quickly, securely and directly in position - for impressive shoots no matter what the background. This means you can accommodate all online formats at once, and with just one tripod, giving you more time for more content with real added value. Your followers will love it!

We show you just how easy it is to set up the ring light in the following video.

Optimised, even lighting

The "SpotLight Steady 120 II" from Hama is a true mini lighting powerhouse with even illumination - all thanks to "just one" powerful ring light on "just one" stable aluminium tripod, making all that fiddly and complicated studio equipment superfluous. Say goodbye to lugging equipment around and extension cables, and instead get going with implementing your great ideas. A truly flexible and straightforward alternative that works like a fully functional studio. Ready? Action!


Perfect for video and streaming

From influencer to video star: the set, comprising an LED ring light and tripod for the ideal height, offers the ideal conditions for every content creator, and is perfect for all online formats, including YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and more

Comfortable 2-in-1 design

Selfie ring light with mobile phone holder: The flexible clamping jaws hold the smartphone camera perfectly in position on the tripod, so one tripod is enough for both the phone and ring light

Portable ring light for mobile set-up

Small when transporting, big effect when filming: the LED ring light with tripod can be set up quick as a flash anywhere, making it perfect for blogs, vlogs, social media and anyone who likes their equipment flexible and practical

Perfect lighting conditions always

In your best light: the tripod ring light with 160 LEDs creates the ideal lighting for all video and image formats, so there's less post-editing and instead great images and videos from the first take

3-stage colour temperature

From warm white to daylight bright: control the colour temperature in 3 stages (2100/3000/5500 K) using the cabled remote control, for the optimised and even illumination of videos and portraits, for example

10-stage light intensity

From radiantly bright to pleasantly dimmed: the light intensity can be adjusted in 10 stages

Charming eye effect

Sparkling charming eye effect: LED ring light magically creates a light in the eyes through reflections

Tripod for professional smartphone photography

Studio smartphone photography: stable tripod made from robust and lightweight aluminium with fully spreadable tripod legs

Extends to 215 cm

Up and away: extendable 3 ways up to 215 cm, ideal for larger scenarios or for being photographed sitting or standing

Ball head and swan neck

Always the perfect recording position: portrait and landscape format thanks to smartphone holder with ball head and flexible swan neck

Variable position thanks to ball head

Unusual recording angle: the ring light position can be adjusted in all directions thanks to the ball head

  • Technical Specs
    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
    Shade of colour Black
    Connectivity (Connection)
    Connection Bluetooth
    Electrospecific Properties
    Energy Efficiency Class A to G F
    Physical Properties
    Dimm function 10 Levels
    Gooseneck length 11 cm
    Light color / color temperature 2100 K/3000 K/5500 K
    Max. Lumen 1020
    Model Smartphone
    Number of LEDs 160
    Size & Weight
    Cable Length 290 cm
    Weight about 1350 g
    Width 30 cm
    External power supply USB 5V/2A
    Power Supply External Power Supply
  • More product information
    • Perfectly illuminated and quick to set up and dismantle wherever you want it: whether for beauty, fashion, cooking , gaming or DIY, with the LED ring light and smartphone holder, create the perfect lighting for all influencers on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and more
    • Universal stand for shots in portrait or landscape format, be it selfies, portraits or video, DIY tutorials or Insta-Live
    • LED ring light can also be used with the webcam on a laptop, tablet, PC and monitor, e.g. for video calls and online learning
    • More professional results: no hard shadows or interfering reflections
    • With Bluetooth remote trigger for controlling a smartphone
    • Storage bag: The LED ring light with tripod can easily be transported and stored in a compact manner

      LED Ring Light:
    • 12" ring light (outer diameter 30 cm) with 160 LEDs with cable remote control
    • Flexible power supply: USB-A cable (cable length 290 cm) for convenient power connection, e.g. via a power pack or external battery, USB charger or power strip with USB-A socket

      Ring light with tripod:
    • With 4 segments extendible 3 ways up to 185 cm (dimensions refer only to the tripod)
    • The ring light tripod can be placed on a table or the floor and adjusted as required
    • Good static stability through cross struts

      Swan neck on the ring light with mobile phone holder:
    • For many smartphones: extremely flexible for smartphone widths from 6.0 to 8.0 cm thanks to clamping spring holder
    • Rubber inserts on the holder protect the smartphone casing from scratches
    • 3 accessory shoes on the outside plus 1 on the inside on the LED ring light
    • Cold shoe to 1/4" adapter for cameras, webcams, etc.
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 "SpotLight Steady 120 II" LED ring light with cable remote control
    • 1 tripod
    • 1 Bluetooth remote trigger (incl. 1 CR2032 button cell, 1 wrist loop and instructions)
    • 1 swan neck with smartphone holder
    • 1 cold shoe on 1/4" adapter
    • 1 3D precision ball head
    • 1 transport bag
    • 1 operating manual
  • Note for Consumers

    The function of the Bluetooth shutter release for smartphones depends on the software on your device.
    Please see the product information provided by the manufacturer to determine whether the remote-control release is supported by your smartphone, or take a look on the Internet.


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