Hama "Star 61" Tripod

  • The 3D tilt head allows perfect alignment for landscape and portrait shots
  • Quick-release plate for quickly changing the camera
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Item No.: 00004161
GTIN: 4007249041616

Pictures usually speak louder than words

Create your own with the help of the ‘Star 61’ tripod

A picture is worth a thousand words. For a photo to be correctly interpreted, it must be taken from the perfect angle. With the help of the ‘Star 61’, you can let your stories speak for themselves. Whenever, wherever – with the alignment possibilities of the tripod, the subject is presented in the right light and the camera is kept steady in position. View your unforgettable moment from the perfect angle with the "Star 61".

Tripod head with multitasking

An idyllic sunrise, breathtaking landscapes, or the youngest member of the family blowing out birthday candles for the first time – all pictures have one thing in common: they need optimal alignment. The three-way head of the tripod enables perfect alignment for various picture formats. Regardless of whether pictures are taken horizontally or vertically – the camera can be moved into the desired position and the subject presented in the best light.

The most important part of a tripod is the head. It securely holds the most valuable piece: the camera. The "Star 61" can easily support a photo or video camera with a maximum weight of 3 kg. The tripod head also has a built-in spirit level and vial to help ensure the camera is level.

Light on one’s feet on any ground

When taking photos, there’s nothing worse than a blurred or distorted picture. Often the camera slips, or your hands weren’t quite steady before releasing the shutter. The Hama "Star 61" tripod is optimally suited for blur-free pictures, and cuts a fine figure even on uneven surfaces. With the lockable crosspieces and flexible rubber feet, a secure footing is ensured. Thus the tripod stands stably even on forest or stony ground.

The tripod also has a solution for sudden changes in the weather. In strong winds, more weight can be added to the mount using a weight hook. You don’t have to carry weight plates around with you, but can quite simply attach your camera bag as a weight. This guarantees better ground contact, and the tripod remains standing even on rough terrain.

Always ready to hand, wherever you go

Of course, the right location is important for expressive pictures. Trouble and expense are barely spared when it comes to finding a unique subject. Therefore, a mountain hike high into the Alps, or an expedition into the depths of the rainforest, is also part of creating unique snapshots. The camera can be provided with stable support even in exotic locations, as the aluminium tripod is very easy to transport. It packs down to a size of 60 cm, and can be carried comfortably on your back in its bag.

Quick changeover for flexible shooting

When taking photos, you often encounter difficult conditions: Sometimes it is icy cold and you can barely hold the camera in your hands; or the ground is so bumpy and uneven that the end results do not meet expectations. With the tripod’s functional quick-action clamps, amateur photographers can give free rein to their perfectionism. Through quick and easy locking of the leg lengths, many different positions can be tried out and easily adjusted to the environment. Huge rocks can no longer stop you from getting ever closer to the perfect picture with a little flair.

The central column is continuously height-adjustable. Through simple cranking, you select the desired height up to a maximum of 153 cm. If the camera suddenly has to be changed for a particular subject, you can switch to a different camera in one fell swoop thanks to the quick-release plate. This spares the model from remaining in the pose longer than is necessary, and helps ensure a relaxed posture when the artist begins creating the next picture.