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Hama "Spot-Pointer" Presenter, Digital Laser Pointer, Spot Illumination, Magnifier


Present, focus and impress - instead of fiddling around chaotically with the laser pointer. Our innovative presentation remote control helps you to grab attention and get arguments across in a nutshell. What's more: the digital presenter can also be used for video calls.

Price on demand

Getting to the point

Professional presentations with the Hama "spot-pointer"

Quarterly figures, business reports, introductions of new products, press conferences, workshops or university Powerpoint presentations: impressive and dynamic presentations help you to progress – both professionally and in your studies.

The "spot-pointer" helps you guide the attention of your audience and place a focus on specific topics while keeping an eye on the time. Our innovative presentation remote control is also the perfect tool for Skype meetings, whether it’s a personal presentation or a video conference with colleagues or customers abroad from your home office.

Digital Pointer without the laser

Video calls, webinars or home schooling: digital presentations are making the laser pointer redundant. Our sophisticated presenter comes equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer. They let the pointer detect your hand movements, allowing you to control the spot on the projection canvas or screen.

Unlike conventional laser pointers, this presenter does not beam light; instead, it displays a digital cursor. As a result – unlike optical lasers – there is no risk to the eyes and you can gesticulate and move freely within the space without a second thought.

Four different modes for a successful presentation

Show, zoom, focus and demonstrate – four different presentation functions help you to illustrate your points.

  • The digital pointer projects a red dot that you can place at a specific point in the presentation like a conventional laser pointer.
  • You can use the magnifying glass to enlarge details on a map or photo, for instance.
  • The spot works like a spotlight. You can use it to highlight specific areas in a table or diagram, for example.
  • The air mouse gives you targeted control of the cursor. You can use it to start videos, open links, explain programs, and more.

An eye on the clock

Presenter with timer

Quickly getting to the point with all the important information – that is what makes a dynamic presentation. However, you can easily lose track of time during your talk. Simply use the presenter’s timer function to set a time limit. The controller’s display shows you your remaining time. Once the countdown ends, the pointer discretely vibrates to let you know you should wrap things up.

Manual remote control

for intuitive operation

You hit the wrong button and the screen goes black or accidentally moves back to the last slide instead of on to the next one. It looks unprofessional and may even throw you off your stride. Our presentation remote control is limited to three buttons with the most important functions. It lets you easily navigate back and forth between slides and switch between the four display options.

A permanent companion

You can rely on our presenter; it won’t let you down, even in presentations that last several hours. When the integrated battery is fully charged, the battery will last for up to 3 months. An icon on the display reminds you to recharge when the charging level is low.

Quick installation

The required software is already stored on the microSD card in the dongle. Simply insert the receiver into a free USB slot on your laptop or PC, install the software and you can instantly use all the functions of the presentation remote control. The “spot pointer” is suitable for both Mac and Windows.

By the way, the memory card in the dongle has a capacity of up to 2 GB. That means you can save your documents directly on the pointer without needing to bring another USB stick for your business presentation.


Digital laser pointer

Direct the audience's attention: You can move the point of the laser pointer digitally in your presentation using the remote control

Spot illumination

Spot-on: With the spot illumination function, you can highlight important information

Magnifying glass function

Set the focus: Handy magnifying glass function enabling you to enlarge details, such as tables, maps, etc.

Easy navigation

Usage made easy: Using the three buttons on the presenter, easily scroll forwards and backwards through slides and change display option

Dongle with micro-SD card

Everything you need: the SD card in the dongle contains the software needed and offers additional storage space for your presentation

Display with timer

Presentation on time: You can set a timer for your presentation, with the remaining time appearing on the presenter's display

Schnelles Aufladen

Fast charging within 2 hours

Integrated rechargeable battery

Long-term companion: The presenter has an integrated rechargeable battery and can be used for up to 3 months

  • Technical Specs
    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
    Colour Black
    Shade of colour Anthracite
    Connectivity (Connection)
    Connection Micro USB Socket, USB-Typ-A-Plug
    Connection Wireless
    USB Standard USB 2.0
    Electrospecific Properties
    Range 20 m
    Physical Properties
    Material Plastic Material
    Size & Weight
    Height 2.2 cm
    Length 13 cm
    Width 3.5 cm
  • More product information
    • Dynamic presentation with digital laser pointer, spot illumination and reading magnifier
    • Ideal for Powerpoint presentations with graphics and calculations, for example in customer discussions, pitches or at product presentations
    • After installing the software via the dongle, the presenter can be used straight away
    • The presenter does not compress the light, but rather displays the point digitally, which means that - unlike optical lasers - there is no danger to the eyes
    • A double-click on the presenter's main button: flexibly toggle between the laser pointer, magnifier and spot illumination
    • Range of up to 20 metres guarantees freedom of movement during the presentation (depending on ambient conditions)
    • Adaptation of the pointer colour, magnifier size, etc. via the software
    • When the battery level is low, the integrated display shows a warning
    • The timer can be conveniently started via the presenter and indicates with vibration when the time has elapsed
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 Spot-Pointer presenter
    • 1 dongle incl. built-in card reader
    • 1 micro-SD card (2 GB) incl. software
    • 1 micro-USB cable for charging the presenter
    • 1 transport bag
    • 1 instruction manual
  • System Requirements
    • Operating system: Windows 11/10/8/7, MAC OS 10.10 or later
  • Note for Consumers

    To be able to use all of the presenter's functions in full, you should install the associated software. You will find this on the enclosed USB dongle and at

 In-house test and quality seal
, QC passed by Hama Germany